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This is a Dedication to the most Beautifull
couple I have known "My Mom and Dad".

As long as I can remember I have trouble
remembering my Parents,for you see we were all taken from
them when I was just small,not sure of my age
but I was going to school at the time.
There were 13 of us and I was #7.1 sister was adopted out she was 6 mos.old then
As I can recall the 3 oldest were gone from home at the time,
and 5 of us was put in a Children's Home,
then the other 4 were put in a differant Children's Home
for they were much to young for the one I was put in.
Not to sure of many things about this place
except we had chores before school and after school plus week-ends too.
In the summer we allways went to camp for 2 weeks
there we would relax and enjoy ourselves
which we always looked forward to.
Then 1 day Our Aunt (Mom's Sister) came and took the 2 oldest
with her for she felt they were old enough to help on the Farm.
Then a coule years later a Cousin came in and I went home with them,
by then I was a teenager old enough to help at home.
They also had a Daughter she was 2 years older then I was.
We got along just great then a
couple of years later her parents spilt up
again I was off to a foster home .
This time the Couple was Older
and their children were gone from home
for they had family's of their own.
They had another foster girl the same age as I was
I was hoping for the best but it seem they
just wanted help as all the others did.
Well a couple of years with them and
the next thing I knew I was getting married I was 15yr.old
to someone twice my age for he was nice and
treated me good he was a close friend of theirs.
6 years later I met the man of my Dream
and now he and I have been married for 43 years
and trying for another few years.
He has been very sick these last 4 years
and I have almost lost him 3 times now
I am so thank full to God for letting me have him awhile longer.

Some times I think of my parents for they are both gone now
but when I got married the 2nd time
I found most of my sisters and brothers
and most of all I found my Parents and they still
looked just like they did so many years ago
when we were all taken from them.
I don't hate them for what happened for some how
I think thats how things were supposed to be.
But to day our family is close again and
Mom and Dad are gone to heaven to rest......
You see they both enjoyed their fast living and drinking and
thats what cost them their children and their lives.
To me they will always be the
most Beautifull couple I know or knew.....
Love you Mom and Dad

Please click on the Photo's to view some of my family.
Photo's are when they were younger.





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