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"MY Memorial"
To a Dear Dear Friend.
She has been on my mind alot lately.
"Dedicated to Jane"

~ Long Ago Friend ~

My long ago friend
Who no longer is here
I think of you often
Still shed a tear

Such memories gathered
They're deep in my heart
I know that you're with me
Although we're apart

For years I have struggled
With missing you so
You've always been special
My heart won't let go

Though now you're in heaven
I still walk this land
I still hear your laughter
I reach for your hand

You're always remembered
With grace and with style
The friendship we shared
In my heart all this while

You'll always be thought of
In most special way
The friend that I lost
She's still with me today.

This poem was wrote for Jane by a wonerfull person
~Francine Pucillo~
(July 27,2000)

Poetry ~ Emotion

When I first met this woman,
Jane that is I had my doubts for she was so much like me
I just wonder if this was going to work or not.
She drove school bus and of course my boys
were on her bus.
Then the next thing I knew we were visiting
back and forth then we started to play cards
her Hubby and mine.It was at her house one time then our house
I must say her Hubby was a wonderfull man
and we also enjoyed being around him to.
We would take the kids to the park in the summer
for picnics it was like we were all 1 big Family....
We were always there for one another no matter
where we were or what time a day or night
it seemed that we all knew what each other was thinking.
When we got to gether to play cards for you see
we played Canasta all the time in between
her Bus runs and every week-end,
you always knew where we were and what we were doing.
We always looked forward to getting together
to play cards either her house or mine.
I think of her all the time,you might say
she is up there watching over me.
For 20 some years we were like that
never tiring of one another we could always talk
for there was so much we shared
till that one day when everything changed and she was gone.
Cancer is so mean to so many.
"Missing you Jane"

This poem is from my
SOLP Sister Yava,Thanks Sis

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