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every one to My Christmas Page.
This is a Beautiful Poem hope you
like it as much as I do..

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I am so pleased to have received this award,
what a wonderful surprise..Thank you Miskers Denizens..


Let me tell you the story
Of the sweet Jesus Christ,
Who brought heaven to earth,
One cold winter night.

As planned by His Father,
A long time ago,
In the form of a babe,
He came down below.

His divine mission
Unknown at the time,
Was later revealed,
When God felt inclined.

The day the sweet Lord
Was nailed to that cross,
Was the day that God showed,
Mankind was not lost.

By the Son's grief and pain,
Man could be forgiven,
And God gave to man,
A vision of heaven.

But thick in his thinking,
And blind in his heart,
Man missed the Lord's meaning,
And remained in the dark.


Thus, each year at Christmas,
The tale is retold,
And man is reminded,
Of Jesus Christ's role.

Access to heaven,
God's gift to man,
God's Christmas Present,
The Start of His Plan!

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

"So Many Reasons to Love the Lord!"

Thank You, God, for little things that come unexpectedly

To brighten up a dreary day that dawned so dismally.

Thank You, God, for sending a happy thought my way

To blot out my depression on a disappointing day.

Thank You, God, for brushing the dark clouds from my mind

And leaving only sunshine and joy of heart behind.

Oh, God, the list is endless of things to thank You for,

But I take them all for granted and unconsciously ignore

That everything I think or do, each movement that I make,

Each measured, rhythmic heartbeat, each breath of life I take

Is something You have given me for which there is no way

For me in all my smallness to in any way repay.

Written by: Helen Steiner Rice

These are a few gifts,plus adoptins..

Please except this gift,
that I have made for you..

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