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This Midi palying is"Oh How I Love JESUS".

This page is all about
saving our Children
Children are very small and precious.
They are a gift to us from God and we
are suppose to take care of them and
love them, yet too many children are
abused by the ones who are suppose to
protect them.
Lets not forget the children who are taken
from their homes and from this world much
too soon, and sometimes even from their
own Parents or their Grandparents.

This Resource Center on Abuse Net Ring
owned by Tuffy's Domain.

RCOA Webring

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Garden Of MissingChildren Society Garden

Thanks so much for my hugaward.
And now I am now giving this to all the Children
out there for I just know know they all
can use one of these HUGS.

Please feel free to click on
it to read her story.

Childfind 1-800-387-7962 Childfind Missing Child Information

This little angel is here to help.

Please feel free to click on
it to learn more.

Please check these sights out.

UpDate on Missing Children

Ursula Sunshine Assaid
5 years old
Tortured to death

Ursula was killed by her step-father who had
beat her for months before she died.
Her mother was also charged and served
five years of a 15-year sentence for
her role in the torture murder.
Ursula’s ashes had remained in storage at a
funeral home years after her death until a child
protection advocate found out and arraigned for a proper burial.

America's Most Wanted.


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